Monarch-Carpet-One-Floor-and-Home-Monton-AB-CarpetAdvantages to Installing Carpet in Your Home

Carpet is the most popular flooring choice for home and business owners because it offers many benefits. Our experts at Monarch (1953) Carpet One Floor & Home can assist you in selecting the right carpet or other flooring for your home. This page will give you some insight as to what benefits that installing carpet in your home can offer.

Carpet’s soft surface and cushion provides many benefits. The cushion will help absorb sound, making the floor less noisy to walk on than a hard surface. This is good for entertainment rooms where children will be running around or loud televisions/sound systems will be playing, as sound will be less audible in other areas of the home. The softness also offers comfort underfoot and decreases impact for fragile objects that are dropped; a glass cup is a lot more likely to shatter on a hard surface than on carpet. Carpet also does not become slippery when wet, preventing accidents that could normally occur with a hard surface floor.

Carpet offers insulating properties. This can trap warm air inside in the cold seasons and cold air in the warmer seasons. The insulation properties of carpet make it great for saving money on heating and air conditioning costs. Carpet is extremely durable and most synthetic fiber carpets are also treated with stain and soil resistant treatments, meaning your carpet will stay looking new longer, requiring replacement less often.

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