Hard Surface Flooring

Stylish flooring that adds strength and durability

Our Hard Surface Selection

Hard surface flooring offers natural beauty with materials such as wood and stone which makes it a great option for many rooms in your home. These surfaces provide stability to foot traffic and durability to other impact. When compared to soft surfaces such as carpet, hard surfaces typically have strong top layers and thick construction.

Due to the increased strength and stability, hard surfaces are easier to maintain than soft surfaces. Routine maintenance such as sweeping is all that is needed to eliminate dust and other particles. And if the floor is ever damaged, only that plank or tile needs to be replaced.

Monarch Carpet One in Edmonton, AB is your go-to for all hard surface flooring needs. Learn more about the different hard surface flooring options available to you.

Hardwood. Hardwood floors have been used in residential and commercial settings for many years. This is because to this day the combination of natural beauty and durability make hardwood tough to beat.

Our Specialty Hardwood Brands

Superior Hardwood Flooring - Mercier Hardwood - Satin Floors

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Cork and Bamboo. Truly unique flooring options that make a statement. The resiliency of these floors make them great for almost any room.

Our Specialty Cork and Bamboo Brands

Duro Design

Laminate. Laminate flooring was created to replicate natural surfaces with an increased resistance to wear and tear.

Tile. The variety of tiles offer endless design possibilites making it perfect for any style.

  • Types of Tile. Learn about the different types of tile available.

Vinyl. Vinyl flooring is a great option for those who want a natural style but need a resilient floor that can stand up to every day life. 

  • Our Vinyl Brands. Check out our exclusive selection and learn more about the different brands we carry.