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Carpet in Edmonton, ON

Carpet in Edmonton, ON


Carpet is always a comforting addition to your home or business. Today there are thousands of carpet options, including carpet that can coexist with your kids and pets.


Monarch Carpet One Floor & Home in Edmonton, ON, has the best carpet brands in the region and can help you find the best products for your upcoming renovation project. Here’s the lowdown on modern carpet.


What Types of Carpet Are There?


Carpet comes in many fine forms!

With modern carpet, it’s possible to enjoy carpet nearly anywhere under your roof. While carpet still isn’t appropriate for kitchens & baths, the wide array of natural and synthetic fibre types- or “pile”- represents infinite potential.

  • Nylon fibres are a popular synthetic that’s sturdy, hard-wearing, and heavy in colour.
  • Polyester fibres look and feel a lot like nylon, but polyester carpets are significantly more affordable.
  • Olefin fibres are a vivid synthetic generally used to form heavy Berber-style carpet.  
  • Triexta fibres are extremely tough and stain-resistant, making this type of carpet a favorite for pet lovers, parents, and business owners.  
  • Wool fibres are a natural flooring favourite ideal for those who wish to stay organic, keep warm, or find relief from allergies.

In addition to its pile type, your carpet can be woven into various styles.

  • Cut-pile carpets have looped and trimmed fibres of varying lengths for a lush texture.
  • Loop pile carpets are left with looping fibres intact for a smoother surface.
  • Cut-loop carpet merge aspects of cut-pile and loop pile for a unique texture. ​​​​​​​

Where Can I Install Carpet?


Carpet is a wise choice for residential and commercial choices if chosen with care.

Today there are even moisture and stain-resistant carpets for highly active rooms such as:

  • Kids’ Rooms
  • Family Rooms
  • Hallways
  • Stairs
  • Offices
  • Boardrooms
  • Retail Settings
  • Dens
  • Living Rooms
  • Finished Basements

Regardless of where you choose to install the new carpet, we strongly recommend a professional carpet installation. Most of us simply aren’t well-versed in the nuances of carpet installation, which is a tedious process requiring precision and patience.

Additionally, a professional installation is usually required to obtain warranty coverage, so be sure to leave it up to the experts to handle your carpet with utmost care!

Discover Our Carpet Selection

Monarch Carpet One Floor & Home is Edmonton’s favourite local flooring store. With our inventory spanning all the best carpet products, we can guide you towards the perfect floor for your family and budget.


To learn more, please visit our Edmonton showroom soon, or start browsing our carpet online right now.